In addition to prosecution on Banteng Square, the perpetrators also steal money Iyan

JAKARTA,– Besides the persecution of Ali Achmat Fiarmansyah also Iyan (20), the perpetrators also took Iyan's money.

Central Jakarta Deputy Police Chief AKBP Arie Ardian Rishadi said, Iyan brought Rp. 5.4 million that was placed in his pocket.

The perpetrators who were security officers in Bantam Field and organizer of the event the Flona 2018 program suspected that the money had been obtained by stealing.

The perpetrators beat Iyan, so the young man claimed to have stolen the money.

After the prosecution, pamdal contacted the official official of the DKI Jakarta Social Service, so social affairs Iyan would bring to the institution.

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At the handing over of Iyan, one of the perpetrators with the initials MR handed only 2.4 million. The rest is stored by MR, which is given by other actors.

"So one of them (the perpetrator) is a woman, her role is to secure the money of Rp 3 million The victim had the previous money of Rp., 5.4 million, but after it was transferred to the Social Service , it reduced to Rp 3 million, "said Arie at the police headquarters in Central Jakarta. Tuesday (21-08-2018).

Arie said the perpetrators reportedly saved the money deliberately with the goal of being distributed.

Before the money was used, the police provided the perpetrators and the Rp. 3 million who stole the perpetrators.

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Arie said that except that they were responsible for violent acts in conjunction with article 170 of the Indonesian Penal Code, the perpetrators were also subject to misappropriation.

"So, in addition to Article 170, because it is carried out together, the perpetrators also take the money, so we are layered with the embezzlement article: although the money has not been used, we can record it again," said Arie.

Last Saturday the Iyan family found injuries in a nursing home in West Jakarta. Iyan said he was being prosecuted at Banteng Square on charges of theft. Iyan had reported the abuse he had experienced at the Central Jakarta Police Station.

The eight actors who are the head of Banteng Field and Flona 2018, event EO, have been named as suspects by police officers and are currently protected.

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