In order not to be stolen, the Mampang Underpass Air Line is permanently welded

JAKARTA, – Kasubdit Gakkum of the Regional Police Directorate of Metro Jaya AKBP Budiyanto said the drainage coverage lost in underpass (Tunnel) Kuningan-Mampang, South Jakarta, before the welding was completed.

"Steel grid "It is welded but not permanent for the purpose of being easily opened when the channel is being monitored," Budiyanto said when he contacted on Wednesday (22-08-2018).

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This was justified by the head of DKI Jakarta Heru Suwondo's headquarters. Heru said, the water channel coverage will be permanently welded.

"Not to repeat anticipation (theft) will be permanently welded," Heru said.

The closure of the water channel in the underpass of Mampang-Kuningan was lost for the third time on Wednesday morning. Heru said, there were two drains that were lost in the section underpass Mampang-Kuningan west side.

The theft case of the channel cover has already happened twice before. DKI Jakarta Provincial government has also installed CCTV around underpass and read the iron cap to prevent theft.

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