"In the past Pak Jokowi said:" There can not be a boarding school with a sleeping house. "

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – The secretary of the faction of the National Awakening Party (PKB) Cucun Ahmad Syamsurijal said that the partiality of the state regarding the existence of pesantren and madrasas was still very small, especially with regard to the budget.

According to Cucun, the lack of attention from the state for religious educational institutions in the region is due to the lack of regulations that specifically regulate the budget part.

This is the reason behind the PKB that initiated the Pesantren and religious parenting account.

"The attunement of the state to boarding schools and madrasas is very small, not too serious, because we have no rules," Cucun said when he contacted Tuesday (18/09/2018).

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Cucun explained that the legal basis for the existence of suspects was not to be found in Act No 20 of 2003 on the national education system.

Article 26 of the National Education System Act only mentions that pesantren is included in the non-formal education category.

Similarly, in Law No. 33 of 2004 on the financial balance between central and regional.

Article 27 of the Act stipulates that the general allocation fund (DAU) allocates at least 26 percent of the net domestic revenue in the APBN for regional governments.

That percentage, said Cucun, affects the small amount of education funding, especially those that are centralistic.

Budget allocation in local government is allocated for school education, such as kindergarten, elementary school, junior high, high school and vocational training, not for religious education services, especially for madrasas and Islamic boarding schools.

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Meanwhile, data from the Ministry of Religion show that the number of plaintiffs in Indonesia reached 28,661 pesantren.

"While the (budget) for pesantren is only tens of billions to provide tens of thousands of pesantren," Cucun said.

"When a pioneering kiai wants to repair the roof of the building, he has to send a proposal to the rich, a year has not yet been realized, people give 100, 200 thousand, although the need is hundreds of millions. We have to look at the phenomenon, " he said.

Cucun hopes that the Pesantren Bill and religious education can encourage the state to pay more attention to pesantren and other religious education when this law is passed.

According to him, with the number of pesantren reaching tens of thousands, the state must be able to use it to print the potential of qualified subjects.

"In the past Pak Jokowi said that we had invited the campaign to the popes, he always said, when I became president, there could not be a bad story where the toilet smelled bad, the dormitory was shabby," Cucun said.

Earlier, the legislative body (Baleg) of the Indonesian House of Representatives accepted a draft law on Madrasa & religious education to become the initiative law of the House of Representatives at a Baleg meeting on Thursday (13-09-2018).

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