Incident, police Close the Central Java Fair Ferries

The police line was installed in the vehicle for the Ferris wheel at the Central Java Fair

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SEMARANG – The police temporarily closed the game of the Ferris wheel at Jateng Fair 2018. The closure took place after the incident, a woman fell Saturday night (1/9).

"We have installed a police line on a ferris wheel vehicle while we ask not to be reused to provide visitors and community security," said West Semarang Police Chief Donny Eko Listiyanto, Sunday in Semarang ( 2/9).

The police also requested information from a number of witnesses in connection with the incident of a woman's abuse when she was about to step. "From the various witnesses we asked for information came from managers and visitors," he said.

The police chief can not yet confirm when the police lane is released and gives permission to return to the race where the ferris wheel is reused. "Later we will report on progress (research, etc.), now our researchers are still working," he said.

The managing director of the Managing Director of the Central Java Development Promotion (PRPP), Titah Listyorini, confirmed that there was a slipping incident for a woman named Puspaningrum (29) when she was about to leave the Ferris wheel. "From the report I received, the victim slipped away when he descended from the Ferris wheel that has not stopped completely," he said.

In the incident that took place on Saturday (1/9) at about 8.30 pm, Pati Regency's victim suffered from bruises and shock. The victim was then taken to the nearest hospital by officers who watched for medical treatment.

Titah claimed that as the organizer of Central Java Fair 201i, it is fully responsible for financing the treatment in accordance with the insurance facilities included in the admission ticket.

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