International book exhibition reaches 120 thousand visitors

A total of 7,000 book titles will be on display from 500 publishers.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Ikapi, the Indonesian Publishers' Association, aims at at least 120,000 visitors to the Indonesian International Book Exhibition (IIBF) in 2018. The exhibition takes place at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta from 12 to September 16, 2018.

"There will be 100 events that consist of different activities," said Ikapi chairman Rosidayati Rozalina on Monday in Jakarta (10/9). The activities include seminars with the theme literacy, competitions for students, reading programs for students, talk shows, book presentations, writers of meetings, script exchanges and Right Fair, Indonesia.

One of the points that was used to draw visitors during the exhibition, he said, is the Kalap zone. In the Kalap zone, visitors receive a book with a discount of 50 percent.

At least 500 publishers will display around 7,000 titles in Indonesian and imported books. Thousands of books are fictional, including novels, non-fiction books, children's books, and books with religious themes.

Meanwhile, to attract visitors from school students, the chair of the IIBF committee in 2018, Amalia Safitri, said she had sent a letter to a number of schools in Jakarta, from PAUD to high school to attend IIBF. Later, a group of students can take part in IIBF literacy sessions, programs that are intended to introduce reading culture in children. "There is a letter of appeal to students to attend IIBF," Amalia said.

In addition, the committee also presented prizes in the form of vouchers with a certain nominal value to students who filled in the attendance list. The voucher can be used to purchase books in all book stands in IIBF.

He added that, long before the IIBF event was held, his party also had a training with the theme of creativity in writing children in which students were involved in a number of elementary schools in high school. He also held a workshop on the ins and outs of publishing digital journals, held at the Mustopo Beragama University Faculty of Economics and Business, Uhamka Faculty of Economics and Business and Jakarta Veterans National Development University.

"Three campuses visited IIBF goes to the campus In the workshop, the students wanted to get to know the challenges of publishing in the digital age," he said.

The training is not only intended to increase literacy for the younger generation, but also to increase the desire for itself to participate in IIBF 2018. The IIBF 2018 exhibition is open to the public and the public can participate for free.

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