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VIVA – Head of public relations for the regional police of Metro Jaya, Council of Police Commissioner Prabowo Argo Yuwono, told the chronology of the arrest of Richard Muljadi, grandson of conglomerate Kartini Muljadi regarding cases of cocaine ownership.

According to Argo, Richard was arrested by Chief Commissioner Herry Heryawan, who at the time was using the toilet in a luxury restaurant in the SCBD area, South Jakarta, on Wednesday, August 22 in the morning.

At that moment Richard was in a room in the toilet room, which was awaited by Comr. Herry who was known as Herrimen to urinate.

"The police commissioner of Herrimen, from a middle-ranking officer, came up with SCBD and when the person wanted to go to the bathroom, it turned out that the room was being used by everyone," Argo said at the head office of the Metro Jaya police. , Wednesday, August 22, 2018.

The former police commander of Depok, however, began to suspect because he had waited a long time for the person to use the toilet. "After being used, we wait, how long it takes, the person in question does not come from the bathroom", said Argo.

Suspicion was reinforced after Kombes Herry saw cocaine-like powder on Richard's cell phone. It was known after Richard had used the toilet room.

"So after leaving the bathroom and Mr. Herrimen (Herry Heryawan) discovered that on the cell phone on the screen was a white powder there (Richard's cell phone)," he said.

Not long after, Herrimen questioned Richard immediately on suspicion of using the toilet to take drugs. From his experience in the field of research, said Argo, finally arrested Herrimen and handed Richard to the Jakarta Police Narcotics Investigation Directorate

"Because the person in question (Herrimen) was a detective, he found out about it and was taken away by the barbuck, after which he was transferred to the regional police and then transferred to narcotics," Argo said.

In this case, the police have obtained a number of proofs, namely a black iPhone X and a piece of 5 Australian dollars.

The evidence was confiscated because it was considered the reason for RAM when taking drugs in the type of cocaine in the restroom of the restaurant. "On Richard's screen (Iphone X) there is white powder that is thought to be left over," he said.

Urine tests have also been performed and the person in question has tested positive for cocaine-like drugs. Now the police are still investigating the issue of Richard's drug origin that is reportedly obtained from ML, the perpetrator who is still at liberty.

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