Istiqlal mosque divides 7,000 offerings packages

A total of 42 sacrificial animals were slaughtered in the Istiqlal mosque

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The manager of the Istiqlal Mosque, Central Jakarta, distributes 7,000 packages of meat to underprivileged people or mustahik in Idul Adha 1439 Hijriyah.

"Of the 42 sacrificial animals donated to the Istiqlal mosque, we estimate that 5000 to 7000 parcels of meat will be distributed," said the chief of the protocol department of the Istiqlal mosque Abu Hurairah in the Istiqlal mosque, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (8/22).

According to him, one package contains one kilogram of meat. Each package of off-meat is distributed under one household cup (KK).

He said that preference should be given to disadvantaged people living in the vicinity of the Istiqlal mosque and who were receiving meat packs for the first time. "We give priority to the people who are closest to Istiqlal, for example in Wahidin Street, there is a narrow alley, the population is large and then in the area of ​​Pasar Baru, Sawah Besar, Kemayoran, Pejambon, Senen and Tanah Abang, "said Abu.

When distributing the packages of meat, he said that his party had also tuned with RT, RW and mosque drivers or mushalla in the neighborhood. Earlier, he said, the RT, RW and mosque administration or mushalla in each region had sent proposals to the Istiqlal mosque regarding the share of sacrificial animal distribution.

"Then we check the data again, or not many poor people are present, we verify again, if so, we will contact RT and RW to distribute offervlees," said Abu.

He revealed that his party had changed the mechanism for distributing sacrificial meat by distributing it directly to the settlements of the inhabitants to prevent chaos. "It has been the past four years, we have changed the mechanism, we deliver packages off-meat directly to residents, so residents do not have to queue at the Istiqlal mosque," said Abu.

In addition to the settlements of the residents, he added, the sacrificial packages will also be distributed to orphanages and nursing homes.

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