It was rumored that Ahok wanted to marry a beautiful police woman, this is the latest news from his ex-wife, Veronica Tan

BANGKAPOS.COM – Veronica Tan is back in the spotlight since the news about the marriage of her ex-husband, Basuki

Tjahaja Purnama or Ahok.

Veronica and Ahok have been separated since April 2018.

Ahok is now reportedly married to the former Veronica Tan employee.

The woman was named Bripda Puput who was 21 years old.

Whether it is true or not, there is no certainty.

The reason is that Ahok just comes out of prison next year.

Although the closest people have noticed the marriage, Ahok has not made a statement.

So far, only news has developed that Ahok will marry the female police officer.

This is where many people are curious about the news from Veronica Tan.

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