Iyan is tortured by Bantdal Field Bull and EO Flona 2018

LAW ENFORCEMENT securing 8 of the 9 perpetrators of persecution against Ali Achmat Firmansyah also called Iyan (20). The perpetrators are 5 persons in Banteng Field Pamdal and 4 event organizers Flona 2018.

They have the initials AS, HS, RFS, SN, SU, MR, ANA and D. One of them is MR is a woman. Meanwhile, another actor is still at liberty.

Central Jakarta Metro Police Deputy Head of Police AKBP Arie Ardian told about the persecution experienced by Iyan during a press conference at the Metro Jakarta Metro Mapolres, Tuesday (08/21/2018).

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PARA suspects Iyan, in Central Jakarta Metro Mapolres, Tuesday (08/21/2018).
PARA suspects Iyan, in Central Jakarta Metro Mapolres, Tuesday (08/21/2018). (Special)

"As for the chronology on August 17 at 9:30 pm, the victim was in the Taman Banteng park, the victim looked at the exhibition of flora and fauna there." Because of alleged theft by someone there, Pamdal and several EO & # 39; s secured the victim at 10am & # 39; s in the morning and were brought to the Post Pamdal. There was an interrogation while there were acts of violence, "said Arie.

During the Pamdal Post Iyan was beaten and even burned with cigarettes in the stomach because he had to admit that he received the money from the visitors. This was done because Iyan, when it was secured, Rp. 5,400,500 in the pocket.

"The victim was beaten, kicked and tied. Even parts of his stomach and hands were burnt with cigarette butts. Then the victim was tied to a long chair at the Pamdal Post at 3 pm," he said.

It is known that American suspects were beaten three times on the victim's face. HA hit, kicked, poked and burned cigarettes to the victim. RFS grabbed her and kicked the victim.

Then SN grabbed her and tied the victim to help SU. D hit 3 times and took Iyan money worth Rp. 5,400,500. Meanwhile, ANA struck, stepped on the neck and pointed with a gun.

Meanwhile, MR has the duty to save Iyan's money for an amount of IDR 3,000,000, leaving only IDR 2,400,500.

"The next day at 10 a.m. the victim was sent to the Jakarta social office. During the search the victim brought Rp 5,400,500, but when he was taken to the social service, the money was reduced by Rp. So that was Rp.2.400.500 found in the Office of Social Affairs, "said Arie.

Policemen secure evidence in the form of ashtrays, chairs and ropes. They were charged with Article 170 of the Penal Code on beatings with a maximum sentence of 7 years imprisonment.

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