Jokowi hands over 1.4 tons of cattle to the Baitul Faizin Mosque in Cibinong

BOGOR, – The Indonesian President Joko Widodo presented a cow as a sacrificial animal to the welfare committee of the Baitul Faizin mosque, Cibinong City, Bogor Regency, West Java.

The transfer of sacrificial animals was carried out after the execution of the prayer service Eid al-Adha in 1439 Hijriah in the Tegar Belief Field on Wednesday (22-08-2018).

Jokowi was accompanied by the acting governor of West Java Irjen (Pol) Iriawan together with the Special Staff Coordinator of President Teten Masduki who walked to the courtyard of the mosque, where the cow was located.

The president then handed over the rope cattle to the management of the mosque as a symbol of the transfer of sacrificial animals.

The cows of Jokowi are white unripe breeds, Brahma breeds. He weighs 1.4 tons.

Jokowi said he not only delivered sacrificial animals in Bogor, but also in different regions.

"Yes, that's it, there are small ones, even in small areas," Jokowi said.

After the transfer of sacrificial animals, President Jokowi and his entourage left for the residence in the Bayu Rini pavilion in the presidential palace complex of Bogor.

Compass TV This cow of the unripe breed was bought by Jokowi from a breeder from Solokuro, Lamongan.

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