Jokowi opened the key to victory in Solo, Jakarta, until the 2014 presidential election

JAKARTA, – President Joko Widodo revealed the key to his success in winning votes since the 2004 Solo Mayor election, the regional election of Jakarta in 2012, until the 2014 presidential election.

"It's a lot of discussion, that is micro-targeting, microcampagne also prospectingThat's what I've done since 14 years ago, "Jokowi said in a speech to the briefing of 500 candidates from the Perindo party at MNC Tower, Jalan Kebon Sirih, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Monday (17/09/2018) .

Easy said, micro-targeting, microcampagne and prospecting is an approach to voice techniques with two accents, namely increasing differentiation and interpersonal approaches.

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Jokowi also said that the way he did it was similar to the fact that people sell superior products.

"I look around, selling political products and sales is similar, the way is similar, there must be differentiation, there must be something branding domain"said Jokowi.

With this technique, Jokowi claimed to be sure of every election that was followed. Beginning with the solo reform of 2004, the regional election of Jakarta in 2012, with the presidential elections of 2014.

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"In 2004 there was a mayor election, asked Solo, did you know what Jokowi was called? There was no one who knew that there was no question, but yes that was what I brought from product marketing to political marketing," Jokowi said.

That's why he did not really like the campaign by concentrating the masses with speeches on a broad field.

"2004 was every campaign, I saw that people had to gather in the field or in a large building. Speeches were given, speeches were held and then dissolved. I saw the members coming alone. he said.

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