Judge arrested by KPK, 40 detainees canceled investigation – VIVA

VIVA – After the Hand Arrest or OTT was conducted by the Corruption Eradication Commission in the Medan District Court (PN), many hearings had to be postponed.

Prison officer in the court of Medan, Tupang said that 95 detainees were scheduled to attend the trial. However, only a part of them is undergoing today.

"95 prisoners we brought, only 45 detainees attended the trial until noon," Tupang said VIVA in the court of Medan, Tuesday afternoon, August 28, 2018.

He explained, so there were 40 more municipalities canceled because of the incident.

Tupang claimed that he did not know the KPT OTT trial against Marsudin Nainggolan as chairman of the district court in Medan, Wahyu Prasetyo Wibowo as deputy chairman of the Medan District Court, Sontan Marauke as judge in the court of Medan and Merry Purba as judge in the court of Medan. called Oloan Sirait and Elfandi.

The courtroom was silent because the judge was arrested by the KPK

I did not know this morning in the OTT, because I still picked up the prisoners in the detention center of Tanjunggusta. I knew when I arrived this afternoon, ngantar prisoners here, & # 39; said Tupang.

This OTT happened this morning in building B of the court of Medan, around 08.30 hours WIB. Of the OTT, KPK officers have insured four judges, two registrars and two from the private sector. However, this OTT would be related to cases of corruption that were dealt with and tried in the court of Medan.

"I'm not sure, but reportedly related to criminal corruption," said Public Relations of the Medan PN, Erintuah Damanik told reporters in Medan District Court.

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