Judge who gives a conviction in Meiliana settled by the KPK OTT

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Chairman of the Medan District Court, who received an Corruption Eradication Commission (Corruption Eradication Commission) Corruption Eradication Commission, Wahyu Prasetyo Wibowo was confirmed as chairman of the judges sentencing Meiliana to prison for criticism on the call to prayer.

"In principle, yes, if the name is correct, he is the chairman of the Meiliana case composition, which is now [mengajukan] relying on that, "said the Chief Justice and Public Relations Office of the Supreme Court, Abdullah when he was spoken in his Jakarta office on Tuesday (8/28).

In the court trial in Medan, the panel of judges led by Wahyu Meiliana sentenced to 18 months in prison for blasphemy. However, there has been an appeal against the decision, so that it is not legally enforceable.

Abdullah himself was still reluctant to provide further information on the silent operation performed by the KPK in the court of Medan this afternoon. He said he would still wait for official information from the KPK and apply the principle of presumption of innocence to the arrested judges.

"I do not know yet (how many were arrested) Later I will announce it officially if there is an official statement from the authorities in this case the KPK," he added.

He has also received no information about what cases the judges have humiliated in Medan. But if reference is made to the KPK statement, it is likely that they were caught because of a corruption case.

"Well, when it comes to corruption, corruption cases are no different because there are ad hoc judges," he said.

Abdullah admitted that the Supreme Court had not communicated further with the KPK on this matter. But he believes that the Supreme Court will soon be notified by the anti-terror agency.

"Usually it will be opened because the Supreme Court and the Corruption Eradication Commission itself are already working together, so the Supreme Court has the name Mr. Super working with the Corruption Eradication Commission, so any internal information must be of our internal," he said related to the KPK OTT about judges. in the court of Medan.


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