Kader Nasdem Owner of Savu thinks arrested by Bawaslu

The Nasdem party has dismissed its frameworks that are drug suspects.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Ibrahim Hasan, member of the Langkat parliament, North Sumatra of the Nasdem party group, was arrested by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN). Initially, however, he thought that the arrest was the election control authority (Bawaslu).

BNN Narcotics Eradication Deputy Inspector General Arman Depari said that Ibrahim socialized in the villages in connection with his re-nomination as a member of the local parliament for the period 2019-2024, together with a number of accompanying people.

"When he was about to be arrested, Ibrahim cs, they thought the BNN team was a member of the election committee, and a Langkat Regency DPRD membership card was found in his pocket," Arman said via SMS Tuesday (8/21 ).

The BNN continues the search for other suspects. Arman explained that, in addition to Ibrahim, the National Narcotics Agency also arrested six other people who would have helped spread the illegal goods. They are, Ibrahim alias Jampok, Rinaldi, A. Rahman, Joko and Amat.

On Sunday (8/19) at approximately 2.30 pm a blue wooden boat was caught in the waters of the Strait of Malacca, carried out by the joint operation of the Customs BNN and the Langsa Navy in connection with information on the illegal narcotics in the Pangkalan Susu area of ​​North Sumatra.

The arrest, Arman said, was a follow-up to information from the public about the illegal spread of narcotics in the Pangkalan Susu area in North Sumatra. From the results of the operation, officers secured a number of bags of medication. "As for the arrests on the wooden ship, four people were secured with evidence of three jute bags suspected of narcotics," Arman said.

After taking the first arrest, the officers continued to pursue Ibrahim in the Milk Port, suspected of taking drugs and arresting him on Monday (8/20). In addition, the joint team is also shipowner, Rinaldi. "The team also arrested Ibrahim, or Jampok, who was a courier and warehouse employee who kept Narcotics," Arman said.

The evidence seized by the National Narcotics Agency included a blue wooden ship, three burlap bags with reportedly narcotic drugs, 30,000 ecstasy pills, a black Fortuner with a 5th BK bill and Rp 1,550,000 in cash and mobile.

Meanwhile, the Nasdem sacked Ibrahim Hasan. Ibrahim was arrested by the National Narcotics Agency (BNN) because he was presumably involved in the shipping network of three methamphetamine bags, which were called 150 kg.

"After Ibrahim Hasan was named a suspect by the BNN, he was immediately dismissed as a Nasdem framework," said North Sumatra DPW Nasdem chairman, Cadre and membership organization (OKK), Monday (8/20).

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