Kapolresta Pekanbaru: Neno Warisman Expired for safety reasons

PEKANBARU, KOMPAS.com – Pekanbaru Police Chief Sr. Comr. Susanto said that the return of the driving force # 2019 GantiPresiden, Neno Warisman, of Pekan Baru, Riau, was purely for safety reasons.

The police consider safety after the strengths of advantages and disadvantages.

This was explained by Kaolresta at a press conference on Sunday (8/26/2018).

"We see the development of the situation on the ground, there are masses and contras with the explanatory activities (# 2019 Change presidential). So we take into account the safety of all parties, so Ms. Neno can not take the trip. continue, because the mass of pros and cons has a very high security potential, "said Santo to reporters.

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That is why he continued, the police coordinated with the Sultan Syarif Kasim Airport (SSK) II Pekanbaru to bring Neno Warisman back to Jakarta.

Subsequently, Susanto continued, related to the execution of activities, in this case statement # 2019 GantiPresiden, there must be a notification to the police.

"What is needed is a notification letter. From the notification letter, the police will make a recommendation to Riau regional police in accordance with PP number 60 of 2017. The regional police will then issue a receipt," explained Santo.

"If there is no notification letter, the rules and conditions we use," he added.

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Regarding the notification of the President's declaration of the # 2019antiPresiden, Santo stated that the commission had withdrawn the notification.

"Previously, there were two massive organizations that have made notifications regarding the activities of the statement being carried out today, but all the notification letters have been withdrawn," said Santo.

Therefore, if the # 2019 statement activities are being held, the president will continue to do so, he added, meaning there is no notification to the police.

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Meanwhile, Riau chief brigadal general Widodo Eko Priastopo was represented at this press conference by Riau Police Public Relations Head, Kombes Pol Sunarto. Also present was the head of Riau Police's Propam, Kombes Agus.

Neno Warisman finally returned to Jakarta around 10:30 am, after receiving hundreds of mobs at the gate of SSK II Airport Pekanbaru, Riau, Saturday (08/25/2018).

Neno and two of his colleagues were in a white luxury car for about seven hours.

In addition, there are two mass camps that are pro and contradictory to the arrival of Neno Warisman.

Even both sides of the masses had collided, so the situation at the airport was tense.

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