Kediri police station hit OTT Team Saber extortion, queue motor queue waiting SIM directly abandoned packing brokers banner

TRIBUNJATIM.COM, KEDIRI – Although it was subject to OTT's Operation Tim Saber Pungli Police Headquarters at the end of last week, the SIM service in the Kediri police station continued. Hundreds of people seemed to wait in line to be called on Monday (08/20/2018).

But there are places of interest that change in comparison with normal days. Because at the location of the parking lot in the police station of Kediri it seems quiet.

In fact, there are usually many motorcycles lined with parking spaces waiting for the line to drive a SIM card. Usually this is a transaction location at the parking location to get a SIM card in a simple way.

• Again head of the police, external service for the regional police of East Java, the police of the district Kediri gives answers

The information to get a new C-SIM card only pays IDR 500,000 and SIM A in the range of IDR 600,000. Applicants only take the formality test because the test and practice are guaranteed.

While the execution of practical examinations also remains under the supervision of members of the police for people who want to get a SIM C or SIM A. For SIM C the community practices their respective motorcycles.

Whereas the applicant for SIM A has been prepared for a four-wheel white APV vehicle for practice exams. This practice exam looks like it is still going on.

While community services waiting for SIM photos appear to be on the prepared bank.

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An officer who accompanied the reporter took pictures on the SIM SIM unit of the Kediri Police and revealed that the service was still ongoing and that there were no changes. "Because the morning service continues," he explained.

Of the OTT activities, Tim Saber Pungli, headquarters of the national police, there were 5 brokers who were secured by Hr, Al, Bd, Dw and Yd respectively. The five people who usually hang around in the backyard car park were not seen yesterday.

While the police officers were secured by officers, there was one officer with an Iptu rank and 12 policemen and policemen. There are 3 officials, 3 freelance employees (PHL) and a bank clerk.

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