Ketum GP Ansor Call # 2019 Change the Pansy Movement President

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Chairman of the central executive power of the Ansor Youth Movement Yaqut Cholil Qoumas # 2019 calls the presidential candidate a transvestite movement. Although he disagreed with the movement, Yaqut denied that GP Ansor members and his wing organization, Barisan Serba Guna (Banser), had not been involved in the refusal of action # 2019.

"In my opinion, the # 2019 movement replaced the sissy movement of this president." It is not clear what the sexual organs are. Do you want to be replaced by what? "Yaqut said in his written statement on Sunday (8/26).

According to Yaqut, it is currently clear who can replace Joko Widodo as president by the general electoral mechanism. That is why he wonders why the movement was not called by name 2019 President Prabowo alone.

"If the president is replaced by the president, it is clear, who is the opponent of the incumbent now, why not simply, # 2019 President Prabowo for example, perhaps there is another agenda in the movement included," Yaqut said.

Concerning Banser's involvement in the refusal # 2019 The presidential candidate in Surabaya, East Java, as reported by a number of media, denied Yaqut this.

Ketum GP Ansor Call # 2019 Change the Pansy Movement PresidentGeneral Chairman of GP Ansor Yaqut Cholil Qoumas. (BETWEEN PICTURE & # 39; S / Sigid Kurniawan)

Institutionally, according to him, the general practitioner Ansor and Banser never received the order to be involved in demonstrations regarding the massive wave of rejection of # 2019antiPresiden, especially those taking place in Surabaya.

That is why he will check whether members are involved or not.

He stated that he would take immediate action on the basis of the findings on the grounds that Banser members were involved.

"Institutionally there is no instruction, but there are indeed frameworks that participate in the personal rejection of the movement. If we are private, we will release it: the frameworks of Banser and Ansor must know what is good and not for this nation. mature or not, "said the National Awakening Party (PKB) candidate.

Gus Yaqut added that the new Ansor and Banser would be institutionally involved after assessing the movement as a threat to the integrity of the nation and the state.

"In the meantime, we still see that this is only a political movement of frustrated people, confused, not knowing what kind of story will be used against incumbent operators," he said.

Yaqut was also reluctant to debate whether the # 2019 movement could be a constitutional president or not, punishment or not. He handled the case to experts and lawyers.

According to him, people are already smart, so they can not be fooled again by movements that do not benefit the country and the state.

However, Gus Yaqut repeated, if the movement had become a threat to the integrity of the nation and the state, the Ansor – Banser would instinctively go forward.

"If not, we will not go down, leave it alone, let the officials act, they are, right, the group is looking for attention," Yaqut said. (Sur)

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