Kindergarten Carnival Brings Toy Guns, Here & # 39; s the Explanation of the Kindergarten Head

PROBOLINGGO, – The carnival on August 17, attended by a kindergarten boy in Probolinggo, East Java, invited controversy because the participants were equipped with toys that looked like elongated weapons.

TK Kartika V-69 Hartatik Head said that the parade dress worn by sheer children was only for the parade without and only entertainment.

"We did not mean anything, just use the home in the warehouse to make it more efficient," said Hartatik at the police station after being asked for clarification on Saturday (08/18/2018).

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Hartatik added, clothing with a facial expression was worn to the theme of the fight with the Clairvoyant fit to increase faith and piety.

"We apologize for the inconvenience," said Hartatik. The police themselves investigate the case. The reason is that the parade that started from the front of the mayor's office did not have a permit.

"We will investigate this matter, even if we have clarified whether there is an element of intention or not.This march is not authorized, but in the end we have taken security measures because the event was held," said Kapolresta Probolinggo AKBP Alfian Nurizal , Saturday.

Kodim 0820 Lieutenant Colonel Depri Rio Saransi apologized to the public for the incident. The article, the kindergarten, is located in the head office complex Kodim 0820.

"We have prepared sanctions, administrative sanctions, we do not know anything about the costumes we have worn, the TK does not coordinate with us", said Depri.

The head of the youth education and sports office Mr. Maskur revealed that the incident had become a material for future evaluations, especially in the educational environment.

"We have warned the director, sanctions are also being prepared," he said.

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