KPAI & # 39; s reaction after VIVA & # 39; s head of the kindergarten Unleashed Parade School

VIVA – The long aftermath of veiled costumes and weapon attributes shown by Kartika V-69 toddlers in the independence march on Saturday 18 August 2018 resulted in the removal of the head of TK Kartika. The director was removed from his position by the head of the Probolinggo City Youth and Sports Education Agency (Disdikpora), Mochammad Maskur.

This strict sanction was taken as a result of the action decided by the head of TK, which, without coordination with the service of the Kodim 0820 Probolinggo, was the supervisor of institutions for pre-school education.

The actions of Maskur were apparently appreciated by the Indonesian child protection committee (KPAI). KPAI offers support for the decision of Maskur. Disdikpora The city of Probolinggo is the party that is most competent to give examinations and guidance to schools in its area, including TK Kartika. The removal took place after an internal inspection mechanism against the school and the head of TK Kartika.

"As an official, in accordance with Government Regulation No. 53 of 2010, the authority to impose sanctions as a form of guidance to officials under the authority of the superior of the client, in this case the head of the Probolinggo education office, "wrote the KPAI in a release, Thursday, August 23, 2018.

KPAI also confirmed from the outset that the carnival issue in Probolinggo was not considered trivial and trivial. KPAI warned the education agencies in different regions & # 39; s and the Ministry of Education and Culture, because what happened at TK Kartika could also happen at other kindergartens.

The carnival of children in Probolinggo who wear black veil attributes and wear these fake firearms is also a concern for KPAI, because this is considered as not normal.

"We all know that & # 39; veil & # 39; & & # 39; weapons & # 39; think of the attributes of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), whose anxiety is frightening to the world.Weapons and black veils have controlled terrorism, one of the symbols of violence that must be kept away from children, children, and education must be sterile when it comes to violence, "wrote the KPAI.

As mentioned earlier, this removal is related to the controversial appearance of kindergarten students using veils with replicas of weapons or imitations during Carnival in Probolinggo some time ago. In the dismissal procession TK Kartika V-69 Hartatik Principal was officially transferred as a staff member at the Probolinggo City Bureau for Youth and Sport Education, from 23 August 2018.

Education must sharpen the mind and refine feelings, education must also be able to sow diversity in this pluralistic country or in other words education must strengthen national values.

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