Lafadz Niat Fasting Arafah Tuesday, fasting is disfigured before Iduladha This is the priority

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – Lafadz Niat Fasting Arafah Tuesday, Fasting for Iduladha This is the priority

Fasting Arafah is one of the fast rites for Hari Raya Iduladha.

For the year 2018 the fasting of Arafah Sunnah coincides with Tuesday (21/8/2018).

One of the goals is that Muslims can share their favors as perceived by the pilgrims who are in Arafah

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For pilgrims who can not fast, however, it is illegal to hold on the day of Arafah 9 Dzulhijjah.

But circumcision for those who are capable.

At Arafah, Muslims multiply zikir and shalawat, salat and recite on the day of ulia. The phenomenon is 700 times huge compared to other days in another month.

What is meant by fasting of Arafah is (knowing) fast that was performed on the day of Arafah, ie on 9 Dzulhijjah, that is the day on which the pilgrims perform wukuf in Padang Arafah.

The priority of fasting Arafah Sunnah (9 Dzulhijjah) for those who did not perform the pilgrimage on the basis of some of the hadiths of Prophet Muhammad SAW are:

1. The one who performs Tarwiyah fasting is removed from sin a year ago and has passed away.

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