LSI survey: more critical users of social media for Jokowi

JAKARTA, – Indonesian Survey Circle Senior Researcher (LSI) Denny JA, Ardian Sopa said, the community of social media users was more critical of the performance of President Joko Widodo than those who did not use social media.

Ardian reflected on the findings of the LSI survey conducted on 12-19 August 2018.

The survey involved 1,200 respondents in 33 provinces of Indonesia.

Ardian explained that respondents who used social media in the survey were 28.5 percent. While those who do not use social media are 71.5 percent.

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Social media users who were satisfied with Jokowi's performance were 67.9 percent. While the dissatisfaction was 29.2 percent.

On the other hand, the satisfaction of respondents who did not use social media on Jokowi's performance was 78.1 percent. Although dissatisfied 18.1 percent.

"We see that the satisfaction of (Jokowi) in social media is lower than that of non-social media users, and social media users are generally better informed and more critical about power," Ardian said in a survey on Wednesday in his office. , Jakarta, was released (5/9/2018).

Ardian assessed the situation to prove that users of social media could collect different information and compare it with each other.

So, Jokowi must deal with various problems or issues that concern social media users properly.

Because the management of problems will also affect the extent to which public support for Jokowi will be later in the 2019 presidential election.

On the other hand, the image and excellence of Jokowi in the eyes of users of social media can be threatened by weakness with the # 2019 hashtags.

The LSI survey data showed that respondents from social media users who loved the hashtag were 63.2 percent and those who did not like 30 percent.

"So far # 2019, the presidential candidate is much better able to collect people who do not love Jokowi in the same channel," he said.

"In addition, bad news is a good news, so it's a bad news, often the public prefers bombastic, which leads to hyperreality," he explained.

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He stressed that social media is an important element for the public to observe the performance of a leader. So Ardian reminded Jokowi again as a candidate for the incumbent party to immediately address issues or problems on social media.

"Because the information source will roll to this. If you do not work in the social media segment, this is a danger." Social media can have more votes, "he said.

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