M Taufik believes in mediation with DKI KPU regarding corruption Candidates will fail

Gerindra M Taufik politician in the DKI Bawaslu

Gerindra M Taufik politician in the DKI Bawaslu (Photo: Yuana / coil)

The politician of the Gerindra party, M Taufik, went to the DKI Bawaslu to hold a mediation session with the DKI KPU on the removal of his name as bacaleg in 2019 Pileg.

Taufik believes that this lawsuit will not create a meeting place between his side and the DKI KPU. Taufik also stated that he was ready to continue his lawsuit in the trial.

"Yes, I'm not sure why I'm going any further, the one I actually asked went through yesterday, I said, because DKI KPU implements the rules of the central KPU." I understand that, but I think Bawaslu is indeed the institution that can determine the dispute, "Taufik said in DKI Bawaslu, Sunter, North Jakarta, Monday (8/20).

"Ready (for the trial case). I'm the one who complains, I have to be ready," he added.

Taufik said that the decision of the KPU to take his name as bacaleg because of his status as a former convict of corruption is not fair and is contrary to the electoral law.

"I do not think the KPU should be brash, the period of the institution is as big as the KPU with strong independence and then make rules that violate the law, I do not think it's fair," he explained.

Taufik asked KPU not to decide anything arbitrarily. Because the KPU regulation falls under the law, it should also in the making of regulations, the KPU must refer to the applicable law.

"In our opinion, the KPU regulation is under the law." He should refer to the law, not only, I'm really arrogant, KPU, so, in my opinion, "he concluded.

Earlier, the KPU said that Taufik did not meet the requirements (TMS) as a candidate for candidates. He was also not included in the list of provisional election candidates (DCS) of DKI KPU.

Taufik was caught in the electoral logistics for corruption in 2004. Taufik, at that time chairman of the DKI KPU, was found guilty and had a loss of Rp 488 million from the purchase of the election material and props in 2004. Taufik had been in office since 27 April 2004 18 months stuck.

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