M Taufik reported 7 DKI KPUD commissioners to Polda Metro Jaya

M Taufik reports 7 DKI KPU commissioners

M Taufik reports 7 DKI KPU commissioners. (Photo: Fadjar Hadi / coil)

Vice President of DKI Jakarta DPRD M Taufik reported 7 DKI KPUD commissioners to the Metropolitan Police of Jakarta. Taufik reported to the KPUD-commissioners because they did not make him a candidate for legislative candidates in the coming 2019 Pileg.

The report from Taufik was represented by his lawyer, Taufiqurrahman. In his report, Taufik was of the opinion that the KPUD had seized its constitutional rights.

"So today I carried out the mandate of Mr. Taufik to report the crime committed by 7 DKI KPUD commissioners who robbed our clients of their constitutional rights," said Taufiqurrahman at Metro Jaya Regional Police, South Jakarta, Monday ( 10/9).

The Taufik report was received by the Metropolitan police of Jakarta and included in TBL / 4800 / IX / 2018 / PMJ / Dit.Reskrimum on 10 September 2018.

According to Taufuqurrahman, DKI KPUD commissioners have violated Article 216 (1) of the Indonesian penal code, namely that no decision or legislation has been implemented. According to him, KPUD commissioners as state officials must implement the Bawaslu decision.

M Taufik reports 7 DKI KPU commissioners (NOT COVER)

Letter from the report of 7 DKI KPU commissioners brought by M Taufik. (Photo: Fadjar Hadi / coil)

"The basis of this report yesterday we participated in the trial in the Bawaslu regulation, said the Bawaslu decision should be carried out up to three days after it was read. But until September 5, KPUD issued a letter that essentially delayed," he explained.

"This is the trick of the election committee that should have been followed (TMS) to join (MS), but instead the editors of the letter followed delay, it is strange, playing politics is the KPU at the organizing the 2019 election, "he continued.

In this report, Taufik provided various proofs, namely Bawaslu's decision letter, in which one of the items changed the TMS decision in MS and ordered the KPU to execute the Bawaslu decision.

While Jakarta Police Public Relations Head Sr. Comr. Argo Yuwono said that researchers would study the report. In the near future, the researcher will call the complainant and witness to find out the case.

"Every incoming report will certainly be studied by researchers, later we will ask the reporter for clarification," Argo said.

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