Mahfud MD: you must not forget, Parliament enters a lot of temptation

JAKARTA, – Former chairman of the Constitutional Court Mahfud MD reminds Indonesian parliamentarians from the Solidarity Party to be careful when they are elected.

Because it may be that the PSI candidates who currently have an anti-corruption atmosphere will actually lapse into the whirlpool of corruption.

"You have to remember, entering the DPR is very tempting, that is why PSI is starting to build a fort so that it does not have to deal with that temptation," Mahfud said during the briefings to the PSI candidates in Jakarta, Monday (08 / 20/2018).

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Mahfud also pointed out that many people who were critical of the expulsion of Suharto who was considered corrupt were now in jail because they were imprisoned in a corruption case.

"You will experience the same if you are not strong in faith," he said.

The former member of the House of Representatives also revealed the forms of corruption that are often carried out by members of the House of Representatives.

According to him, DPR members often accept bribes from black conglomerates who are interested in passing or thwarting the law. Mahfud claimed to know this directly from his colleague who is also a member of the DPR.

"I heard about it myself from people who got it.When I was the chief judge of the Constitutional Court, I canceled the purchased law," he said.

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Mahfud also reminded that people easily punished the party that disappointed them.

He told me that there was a new party that offered a promise to ban corruption. The party won the elections.

However, after coming to power, the party elite was actually caught on corruption. As a result, the party no longer wins in the next elections.

"It turned out that after the coming to power, corruption started from there, with the result that people punished," said Mahfud.

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