Mahfud refuses to be the team leader of the Jokowi campaign, Hasto Tak Pusing – VIVA

VIVA – The Secretary General of Struggle's Indonesian Democratic Party, who was also the secretary of the National Campaign Team for President and Vice-Presidential Candidate Pair Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruin Amin, Hasto Kristiyanto, said he was unaware of the refusal of Mahfud MD to become the chairman of the national campaign team for the Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruff Amin-couple.

"In a situation like this there are no words, we're sure," Hasto said at Jalan Cemara 19, Menteng, Central Jakarta, Monday, August 20, 2018.

When mentioning whether Mahfud MD is actually a candidate for the chairman of the Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ridge TKN, Hasto claimed that he did not know it. According to him, the position of chairman of Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruf TKN will be determined directly by Jokowi.

"Again the business of the chair was transferred to Jokowi, so we waited for his direction, but the campaign team could work. We were compact and continued to design grounded programs because we wanted to have a lot of votes, so our structure represented the dream to get the most votes, and that is quite possible from all the studies we have done, "he said.

When asked about the criteria for the candidate for the head of the Jokowi-Ma & # 39; rf TKN Team, Hasto claimed that the national winning team leader did not have to have specific criteria. "I do not use the criteria, which are essentially designated by our president, ready to carry out the task," he said.

For your information, this afternoon, nine secretaries-general of the coalition party that Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruf Amin is supporting the KPU. The secretary-general of the coalition party who supported Jokowi-Ma & # 39; ruf had the intention to submit a number of requirements for the nomination of presidential candidates for presidential candidates. "One of them is the structure of the national campaign team," Hasto said. (Sparrow)

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