Make Fun, Governor Ganjar Pranowo around Central Java Fair 2018 Use Dreadlocks

Report from the Central Java Tribunal Journalist, Dwi Laylatur Rosyidah

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, SEMARANG – The governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo toured Central Java 2018 with a Dreadlocks wig, Thursday (23-08-2018).

The extraordinary appearance was explained in accordance with the theme of the popular festival, of course the jubilee of Central Java, namely Magical Dieng.

His visit attracted the attention of visitors, as did the exhibitors there.

In some boxes, Ganjar was rewarded by his wife Siti Atikoh and his son Alam coffee and special food.

Visitors who saw the presence of Ganjar governor laughed and wondered. They even fought for selfies with the governor.

He explained that this was extraordinary after participation in the Dieng Cultural Festival and continued with the Central Java Fair with the magical Dieng theme.

Ganjar also said that the & dreadlocks & # 39; he now wore something very typical in the region & # 39; s Banjarnegara and Wonosobo.

"Now the theme of Dieng and Magic is extraordinary, so we fear together," he explained.

The president of PT PRPP, Titah Listiorini, explained that the idea of ​​showing Ganjar and the ranks of the province of Central Java Forkompinda with dreadlocks was a pure idea of ​​the Governor of Central Java. (*)

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