Mardani did not think about the seat of the deputy governor of Jakarta

Mardani asked the Gerindra party Anies not to force the party.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Chairman of the PKS DPP Mardani Ali Sera claimed to be reluctant to think of a position as deputy governor of DKI Jakarta. The position left by Sandiaga Uno was still empty.

One of the pioneers of the # 2019 movement in the claim of this president actually said that he would be very happy if someone could be better compared to Sandiaga Uno. "I do not know, the discussion is in the DPP, and if the chosen person is better than me, I will fully support it," Mardani said when he contacted., Wednesday (8/22).

At the moment, the party that carries the Anies Baswedan-Sandiaga Uno, the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS) and the Gerindra party still fights over the position. Finally, the Gerindra party will voluntarily transfer the position of deputy governor of DKI Jakarta to PKS.

However, this is conditional on Anies Baswedan joining a Geradra Party framework. Because after the death of Sandiaga Uno there were no more representatives of the Gerindra party in the leadership of DKI Jakarta.

In connection with this, Mardani asked that the Gerindra party did not force Anies into the party. "That is the right that Mas Anies wants everywhere, it's up to him, but Mas Anies can not be forced to enter the party," he said.

Sandiaga resigned as deputy governor of DKI after deciding to be promoted as vice-presidential candidate for Prabowo Subianto for the 2019 presidential election. Not only that, Sandiaga also resigned as a framework of the Gerindra party.

Earlier, the vice-chairman of Gerindra's Party Group in DKI DPRD Prabowo Soenirman said that Sandiaga's position would belong to PKS if Anies joined Gerindra. He said, however, that there had been no formal talks to recruit the former minister of education and culture.

According to him, it was only limited to an offer to Anies to become a member of his party. "If Mr. Anies is a member of the Gerindra party, we are relieved to release the deputy governor of DKI Jakarta to the PKS," Prabowo said.

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