Mass Declaration # 2019 Change President in Pekanbaru Shouts & # 39; Change President with Prabowo & # 39;

PEKANBARU, – Statement # 2019 Change the president for the Great Mosque Annur Pekanbaru, Riau, until Sunday (08/26/2018) at 3.30 pm WIB.

Hundreds of people were present who screamed incessantly to the president. They wear banners and wear T-shirt # 2019.

Even the masses that filled the front of the Great Mosque, we also saw: "Replace the president with Prabowo".

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Occasionally they sang salawat badar and national anthem.

Earlier, one of the coordinators of statement # 2019GantiPresiden, M Aderman said that this activity was purely the will of the community.

"This statement is really a moral movement of the people, because information is comprehensive. There is no mobilization and this is the movement of the conscience of our society," said Aderman at

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He said that the people of Riau were very disappointed because Neno Warisman was not present at the event.

"Mother Neno was not present today, mother Neno was forced to go home and we do not know who forced her to go home," said Aderman.

Yet the # 2019 statement remains a permanent president in Pekanbaru.

According to Aderman, a group of people who refused the arrival of Neno Warisman were people who were not Pancasila and who did not support democracy.

"We are very disappointed in their attitude that rejects the arrival of mother Neno," concluded Aderman.

Compass TV There is no meeting place until late at night. The crowd still gathered in front of the airport.

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