Members of the Legislative Assembly have been smuggled several times …

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JAKARTA – Member of the Langkat parliament in North Sumatra, Ibrahim claimed that he had smuggled drugs from Indonesia to Indonesia several times. Finally, the member of the Nasdem party fraction claimed to bring sabu for 55 kilograms (kg) by mid-July alone.

At that time, Arman said, the sabu with a weight of 55 kg was carried by the car and he himself became the driver, so he escaped the chase. "At that time, the movement of Ibrahim was smelled and haunted by BNN members but lost in villages around Pangkalan Susu," said deputy for exterminating the Nasioonal Narcotics Agency (BNN) police inspector general Arman Depari in a statement on Wednesday ( 22-08-2018).

Meanwhile, in order to thoroughly investigate and trace the movable and immovable assets of the defendant, the BNN Money Laundering Team (TPPU) searched the house and looked for the assets of Ibrahim, especially in Aceh and Langkat. "We also asked Ibrahim's TPPU because there were accusations that illegal money was being used to buy valuables," Arman explained.

Earlier, a joint operation team from the National Narcotics Agency, the Directorate-General Customs and the Navy discovered on Sunday and Monday three jute bags of an estimated 150 kg and 30,000 ecstasy pills from Ibrahim in Aceh, Pangkalan Susu and North Sumatra.


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