Members of the National Police are attacked by people while patrolling midnight

In the development of her research, the regional police of West Java collected a number of evidence on the spot. Among other things, blood drops, blood-stained clothing from victims and shoes on the site.

He explained that the regional police of West Java maximized the team and equipment during the investigation, ranging from technological refinement, tools to competent members.

"The IT team also went bankrupt, but the most important thing was the instinct of a researcher himself," he said.

During the elaboration of her investigation, the police interviewed five witnesses at the location. Umar claimed that he needed a trial to investigate the policeman's case.

"When we talk chronologically, it's a technical issue, so we'll let you know the progress," he said.

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The prisoners from Banceuy Prison were transferred one by one to the Cirebon prison

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