Members of the Regional Parliament (DPRD) The ranking of counterfeit drug traffickers

As a member of the DPRD he feels free to distribute drugs.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Members of the Langkat parliament of the Nasdem Party Faction, Ibrahim Hasan aka Ibrahim Hong Kong, are accused of layered articles. Besides the possession of narcotics, Ibrahim will also be subject to the article on money laundering.

"Yes, we certainly smuggled with TPPU," Arman said when confirmed on Wednesday (8/22). Ibrahim as the owner of the deadly illegal goods was charged with Article 114, paragraph 2 of Act No. 35 of 2009 on narcotics.

In the case of an offer to be sold, sold, purchased, to be an intermediary in buying and selling, exchanging, handing over or receiving Narcotics Group I that weighs more than one kilogram, the offender may be sentenced to death, life imprisonment or the shortest term of imprisonment of six years and a maximum of 20 years. "The threat of punishment, the law is dead, this is a serious crime," he said

Arman said that Ibrahim, when arrested, felt safe because he was a member of the Langkat parliament. So he felt free to control Sabu in Langkat, North Sumatra. Currently, Arman is still working on further development to look for other networks related to Ibrahim Hong Kong, a Nasdem executive who has risen from the constituency of two Langkat regencies.

"We will continue to destroy the circulation of medicines by the rat route, others, all exterminated," Arman said.

Arman added, Ibrahim was a drug trade syndicate Malaysia-Indonesia international network that controls goods for various regions such as Aceh, Riau Islands and North Sumatra. Ibrahim has twice imported methamphetamine drugs from Malaysia. First he imported 55 kg of methamphetamine. For the second group, the sabu with a weight of 105 kilograms and the ecstasy pills amounted to 30 thousand. However, the BNN officer is known for the second shipment.

"He only claimed twice, later we will do another investigation," said Arman.

Arman revealed that first-class quality medicines were not produced in Indonesia but abroad. But the shipment came from the island of Pinang, Malaysia. The transaction was carried out in the middle of the sea, right in the waters around the Strait of Malacca.

Besides Ibrahim, the National Narcotics Agency also arrested six other people who reportedly helped distribute the illegal goods. They are, Ibrahim alias Jampok, Rinaldi, A. Rahman, Joko and Amat. In it three bags of methamphetamine were found, with an estimated 105 kilograms and 30 thousand ecstasy pills.

Narcotics observer, Benny Jozua Mamoto, said that this shows that drugs in Indonesia do not recognize a background or institution.

"Drugs are indiscriminately able to approach someone's background, this means that drugs can be hit without discrimination the background of all professions," said Benny when she contacted the Republika on Monday (8/20).

When she saw the blood circulation, Benny, the former deputy member of BNN Narcotics, explained that people with lower middle-class economies are more vulnerable to being trapped underground as drug dealers. The syndicates, Benny said, know how to play the role of the lower class community.

Benny explained that first-class people were given free drugs by syndicates. However, afterwards they are addicted and want more items. That is when they were used by the syndicate.

"The syndicate is so capable of reading how the goods are put on the market. When the lower group gets them for free, they are charged, you sell ten.I give one, so he expands the market, finally he is not a dealer.,

Meanwhile, people from the upper middle class are not free from drug trafficking. However, they are more often just users and depositors for their peers. In fact, from government agencies to civil servants. "Government employees are the same," Benny said.

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