Mercy vs. Honda Beat Victim family: the child of Eko Nangis continues, SOLO – Eko Prasetyo's family, the Honda Beat driver who died, hoped the lawsuit would continue. The case of the Mercedes Benz driver against Honda Beat on Jl. K. Tubun, Manahan, Banjarsari, Solo, Wednesday (08/22/2018), who led to the death of Eko Prasetyo, a Honda Beat driver investigated by the police. Even Thursday (08/23/2018) night Solo Police held a press conference.

As reported rather the case of the Mercedes Benz against Honda Beat driver on Jl. K. Tubun, Manahan, Banjarsari, Solo, Wednesday (22-08-2018), which led to the death of Eko Prasetyo, a Honda Beat driver, investigated by the police.

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Eko is an employee of the Karima Utama Kartasura Hospital, Sukoharjo. Eko's in-law father was a member of the police, Aiptu Sutardi. watchlist, Thursday (23-08-2018), on the spot there were residents who came out of the car and sow flowers.

While the Mercedes car looks blisters on the front of the left side. Even the left car tire seemed to be leaking. While other bodies still look good.

The father-in-law of Eko, Aiptu Sutardi, explained that the family hoped that the legal process would continue in this case. The family is still grieving, so there can be no doubt about the matter.

"Eko left a son of Ahnaf Malik Alfahrezi, nine months and wife of Dahlia Antari Wulaningrum." I feel sorry for Eko's child who cried all night after this incident, "he said.

Sutardi added that Eko worked at Karima Utama Hospital, Kartasura. Eko was buried Thursday at 10.00 WIB on Bonoloyo TPU, Kadipiro, Banjarsari.

As reported earlier. Eko Prasetyo, 28, resident of Jl. Mliwis RT 002 / RW 007, Manahan, Banjarsari, a Honda Beat motorcycle driver with AD 5435 OH died on the spot.

"We have found a bright spot in this case [IA] From the results of the investigation accidentally hit Eko's motorcycle from behind, "said Kasatreskrim Polresta Solo, Commissioner Fadli represents National Police Commander Kombes Pol Ribut Hari Wibowo when met by reporters on Mapolesta Solo on Wednesday night.

Fadli revealed that IA's determination as a suspect was confirmed by the presence of CCTV images at the original location where they met until an accident occurred. He was charged under Article 338 of the Penal Code with regard to murder and Article 351 paragraph 3 with regard to the prosecution that resulted in death by threatening a 15-year sentence.

"This case is not a pure crime, but there is an element of intent, which causes Eko to die and he was immediately detained in Mapolresta Solo since Wednesday night," he said.

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