Minister of the Interior Take discretion so that the DPRD Malang is not paralyzed

Dozens of members of the DPRD in Malang City would have been involved in corruption cases

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Minister of the Interior Tjahjo Kumolo will have a discretionary power to ensure that the DPRD continues to operate in Malang City. This followed dozens of members of the DPRD in Malang City who were allegedly involved in corruption cases and are now working on the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK).

As a result, the DPRD in Malang is threatened with paralysis because it can not take a decision because the number of its members does not meet the quorum.

"In order to circumvent the problem of government and prevent government stagnation, the Minister of the Interior will have a discretionary power with a legal basis in the Law 30 of 2014 on public administration," said Tjahjo in a short message to reporters on Sunday (2/9).

According to him, the team of the Directorate-General for Regional Autonomy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is going to the city of Malang and will invite the regional secretary of Malang City or the Minister of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea of ​​Malang.

"I have already ordered a legal umbrella for the regional government, regardless of the local government, the local government and the DVRD and the local Forkompimda," said Tjahjo.

Earlier, the acting mayor of Malang, Wahid Wahyudi, wrote to the Ministry of the Interior about the conditions in Malang. He also asked for instructions to anticipate the paralysis of the government process there.

"Not to make the wrong decision," Wahid added.

Earlier, the suspect in the alleged bribery attack related to the 2015 APBD changes to members of the DPRD in Malang City. The plan will also call on researchers from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) to summon 22 members of the DPRD in Malang, East Java, at the hearing at the office of the Commission for Combating Corruption (KPK), in Jakarta, Monday (3/9) tomorrow.

As a result, there are now only a handful of members of the DPRD in Malang City. After the KPK had previously designated dozens of other DPRD members as suspects.

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