Ministry of Transport launches KMP Ihan Batak

KUPANG.COM POS – The Ministry of Transport launched the operation Ihan Batak Crossing Motorboat for transport in the waters of Lake Toba in the province of North Sumatra.

The launch of the Batak Ihan Crossing Motorboat (KMP) was carried out by the Director General of Land Transport of the Ministry of Transport (Kemenhub) Budi Setiyadi at the Pasir Putih Beach, Parparean II Village, Porsea District, Toba Samosir District, Saturday .

KMP Ihan Batak is a type Ro-Ro with a capacity of 300 Gross Tonage (GT) that was exported in Cirebon and then continued to work after it was transported overland to Porsea.

The work of the IMP Batak KMP has reached about 90 percent and is expected to be completed in October 2018 and carried out in December to help passengers with the transportation of Christmas and New Year.

Director General of Land Transport of the Ministry of Transport Budi Setiyadi said that the KMP Ihan Batak was the first ship to be built in the area around Lake Toba.

The ship was named KMP Ihan Batak on the basis of a proposal from Toba Samosir-regent Darwin Siagian and local community leaders.

"In the near future there will be another shipbuilding, but the second ship will be kept to a minimum, because the size and operational costs are greater when the ship is so big," he said.

After the KMP Ihan Batak is used later, the Ministry of Transport expects the community and the local government to make improvements and to pay attention to safety aspects that are very important in transport.

"Yesterday's incident (KM Sinar Bangun who sank) is a momentum for all of us, so the safety of transmission must be achieved by changing the culture," Budi said.

Toba Samosir Regent Darwin Siagian expressed his appreciation for the launch of the ship that will serve the route from the port of Ajibata in Toba Samosir to the Simanindo port in Samosir Regency. (*)

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