Miracle, the condition of AAP's toddlers began to improve, although they were still critical

CONDITIONS AAP (2), a toddler who was persecuted by his stepfather, Adrianus Sayow (27), began to improve and is still undergoing treatment at RSUD Koja, North Jakarta. Earlier, the toddler was prosecuted and was reportedly dead.

Representative of the Indonesian Institute for the Protection of Children (LPAI) Fauziah said that his party was also informed that the AAP had died. Because the AAP can only breathe because of the help of a tool.

"Yes, so the family is called, it turns out there is only one grandmother." My grandmother does not know that playing signatures removes all gas masks, "he said.

Then AAP's grandmother immediately went home without telling the victim's parents. While the parents of victims who did not receive full information, said that AAP had died.

& # 39; The victim's parents have called me to say, ma'am, Aqilla, if I want to be removed, I can proceed right away, & # 39; why can I do that? & # 39; Nangis the victim's parents, "Aqila has no bu, the woman wants to be removed," he said.

He added that AAP could still breathe due to the help of medical aids. Her heart condition is still correct, even though she is weak.

"The breath does not breathe Aqilla's emo, but the heart still beats, but my logic does not breathe." The heart beats, but it can not, "he said.

However, the current state of AAP is not as serious as this morning and is gradually showing positive development.

"That heart was told that it was only 135 this morning, if it was not wrong, it meant it was still racing with the heart of an adult," he continued.


Meanwhile, the uncle of AAP, Leo described the miracle that his poor niece experienced after the Friday prayer. The heart rate of AAP gradually showed a positive development.

"Thank God there is a miracle, his heartbeat began to increase." I am still critical and not yet unconscious, but it has improved over this morning, "he said.

Leo said the family had surrendered to the state of AAP. Because AAP can only survive because of the help of the tool alone. The family also called family members to prepare a funeral plan.

"It was good to call the family for a funeral plan, but thank God there is a miracle." The doctor was also told that his expectations were small, "he continued.

The family did not stop praying for AAP recovery. Leo and his family are of the opinion that, although his condition is still critical, the positive developments there are, the confidence of the family that the AAP is aware of his coma.

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