Muncikari "Online" prostitution in Depok Minor sex workers with Facebook

DEPOK, – One of the perpetrators of prostitution cases online at Margonda Residance 2 Apartment, Depok, with the initials TM (18), claimed to recruit underage commercial sex workers (CSWs).

In this case it is known that TM plays a role as a pimp and account maker for CSWs via social network applications.

According to TM, the commercial sex workers who were recruited were mostly teenagers who were still in school.

"Most of them are still in school, the prostitutes, younger than 17," TM said in Depok Police, Jalan Margonda, Depok, Thursday (23-08-2018).

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The way in which TM is looking for sex workers is by using the social network account of Facebook. He looks at his acquaintances on the social network and then invites them to jump into the esek-esek business.

"I am looking for my Facebook friends who are girls accidentally, than me invite me them, "said TM.

Besides looking for women themselves as prostitutes, there are also people who offer themselves.

For these PSKs, TM then creates an account in the BeeTalk application to get its customers.

"There are also people who offer themselves." He told me, question dicariin & Bro; & # 39; Bro & # 39 ;, yes I have cariin of this BeeTalk application, "TM said.

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"Yes, I have put down the most beautiful and sexy picture of the prostitute, then I made it on BeeTalk status with the words open BO (online booking). Well, there have been many who have negotiated and only then have I done the negotiation process, "said TM.

Money from prostitution online This is used by TM to finance daily life, such as buying food and cigarettes.

"I get Rp 100,000, I use it to eat the same thing to buy cigarettes for the money," TM said.

Compass TV The arrested suspects have different roles, such as consumer seekers and as sex workers.

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