Muzani refuses to defeat Jokowi supporters Enter a Prabowo password in – Elite politicians in political parties The coalition that supports the Prabowo pair – Sandi continues to structure the winning team. A number of names of PAN, PKS and Democratic Party political frameworks have reportedly been deposited in certain positions.

Secretary General (Secretary General) of the Great Indonesian Movement Party (Gerindra) Ahmad Muzani stressed, however, that his coalition would never try to invite parties who had supported Joko Widodo to enter his winning team.

Muzani, the vice chairman of the People & # 39; s Consultative Assembly (MPR), said his coalition invited people who were really prepared because the winning team was not paid and promised nothing.

"The name of the winning team has not been paid, no position has been promised, so the criteria are those who are willing to fight and are victims of time, energy, spirit," said Muzani in the DPR building, Senayan, Jakarta. , Friday (31/8).

Moreover, Muzani also said, at this moment the Prabowo-Sandi coalition team is still working to ripen his mature team. Next Monday the secretaries-general of the party who are members of the coalition will hold a meeting at one of the locations in SCBD, South Jakarta.

"But the meeting was closed, so we can not invite media partners," he said.

Moreover, Muzani also confirmed that his party would not announce the composition of the winning Prabowo-Sandi team. According to him, the meeting will mature and discuss some developments in this country.

"There is still much to discuss, so it did not enter the announcement phase," he concluded.

(gwn / JPC)

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