National Batikdag, Indonesia is the world ethnic clothing Qibla?

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Indonesia is reportedly the center of ethnic fashion trends in the world after the style of society began to lead to the use of batik-patterned clothing and fabrics.

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This trend will be born by itself, along with changes in the direction of community fashion to traditional clothing.

Samuel Wattimena Busana Designer said that Indonesia is known for its high human population and also produces ethnic fashion designs from different regions. Ethnic style has its own particularities.

"Try it in different places, all men in particular must have worn batik and have woven clothing that weaves both Bali and NTT," Samuel told Bisnis, Monday, September 24, 2018.

According to him, the current situation is different from the phenomenon 20 years ago. at that time most men wore simple clothes in meters cloth. But nowadays, men generally no longer wear ordinary clothes, but rather ethnic clothing such as batik.
Illustration of men wearing batik and keds shoes.
"Their choice is already in traditional clothing, this force must also be helped, it must be helped by using this euphoria, because nationalism and the euphoria of the archipelago are very high, and later this will be the momentum for the formation of Indonesian ethnicity. fashion, "he said.

He believes that one day Indonesia will become the mecca for ethnic clothing in the world. According to him, the challenge of Indonesian products is still minimal in the context of promotion. Media support, according to him, will affect the popularity of the country's clothing. But he claimed that there would be a natural movement from both producers and the public.

"We are partially influenced by the Italian style and other styles because it is consumed by advertising, so my understanding is development

"Becoming a mecca for batik and ethnic clothing in the world will have to take place and needs to be strengthened," he said.[menjadikiblatbusanabatikdanetnikdunia)akanterjadidanharusterusdikuatkan"ujarnya[menjadikiblatbusanabatikdanetnikdunia)akanterjadidanharusterusdikuatkanā€¯ujarnya

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