Neno to Fadli Zoning Declaration of change in Bill's president in Padang

The change of the presidential account of 2019 was proclaimed in Padang, West Sumatra. A number of political elites attended the statement.

The declaration was held on Saturday, September 29, 2018 at the Imelda Hotel, Padang City. The statement was attended by Gerindra party vice-chairman Fadli Zon, secretary of the DPD Gerindra Sumbar Desrio, member of the Gerindra DPP party communication agency Andre Rosiade, musician of Sang Alang, to the presidential 2019 hashtag, Neno Warisman.

Neno to Fadli Zoning Declaration of change in Bill's president in PadangPhoto: Declaration of 2019 Presidential change in West Sumatra (special document)

Andre said the statement also discussed 10 regional heads in West Sumatra who supported President Joko Widodo.

"If there are 10 regional leaders who say that Jokowi has an impact on West Sumatra, then that is a hoax." In fact, the central funds entering West Sumatra continue to decline, "Andre said in his statement on Monday (1/10/2018).
Andre claims aid funds to West Sumatra and districts / cities continue to decline. André was not worried about the chances that Prabowo-Sandi would win in West Sumatra, although regional leaders supported Jokowi.

"West Sumatra remains the base of Prabowo, and although the security device is outlawed, this event remains a success," Andre said.

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