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JawaPos.com – Social media was rekindled by a viral video suspected of being a provocative who smoked shabutype narcotics. After investigation, it turned out that the person was a police officer of Helvetia.

The provos were a big hit in the Medan Polrestabes. When it tapped the drums of war against drugs incessantly, it was admitted in its own unit. The Bripka ranking Provos had the initials HG. As a result of his actions, the person in question has now been detained in Mapolrestabes Medan.

Bripka HG was arrested in his home Jalan Setia, Pulo Brayan, Medan City, Thursday (8/24). He was immediately taken to Propam Polrestabes Medan for processing.

"We have secured the relevant issue and we are still conducting checks." Are only users or join narcotics networks ", said Kombes Pol Dadang Hartanto, Kapolrestabes Medan, Saturday (25/8).

In addition to holding HG, the officers also carried out a renovation in a house on Jalan Kawat IV, Tanjunv Mulia Hilir Village. The house was mentioned as the place where the video was recorded. But the police found no drugs.

Dadang also revealed that if one day he turned out to be involved in a drug network, his party would not hesitate to take decisive action. The provo & # 39; s will certainly be fired. "But we are still investigating and investigating every member involved in narcotics, we have to take serious action," he said.

For information, in a viral video on social media, Bripka HG seemed relaxing to suck an assembled device like a water pipe. The video has become a public conversation. Many regret that the provo's can be involved in drugs.

While the North Sumatra ordered regional police chief Brigadier General Agus Andrianto to take down the personnel involved in drugs. "I have told Medan & # 39; s Kapolrestabes to take action against these members," he said.

The chief of police said he was still investigating HG Bripka as a user or taking part in a narcotics network. If he is only an addict and an abuser, he will be sent to rehabilitation.

"But if we check the communication tool, it turns out that he has entered the narcotics distribution network, of course we will act," he said.

Moreover, the head of the police emphasized that it was not selective in dealing with the case. He submitted to an honest legal process.

"If he is indeed not included in the drug network and there is no other proof, he will be charged as a user, but later it will be at the Kapolrestabes Medan, whether this person should be treated with professional ethics, not to be disciplined or rehabilitated, "he said.

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