Observers: Bawaslu is not ready to perform tasks as election leaders

JAKARTA, – Budget researcher from the Indonesia Budget Center (IBC) Roy Salam said that the electoral body (Bawaslu) was not ready to carry out his duties as election manager.

This can be seen in the recent disappointing performance of Bawaslu, which is related to the closure of the political dowry issue named by vice-presidential candidate Sandiaga Uno to the National Mandate Party (PAN) and the Prosperous Justice Party (PKS), and eleven former prisoners of corruption have passed legislative candidate (Bacaleg).

Regarding the case of political dowry, Roy said, there was no attempt by Bawaslu to reveal the process of nominating the president and vice president in the body of a political party.

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This is important for transparency, and also for preventing practices that are not allowed by election rules, such as political dowry.

"We hope that there will be an evaluation process of Bawaslu (against the future presidential candidates) before it registers with the General Election Committee (KPU), at least 2-3 days earlier (applicable to the KPU), Bawaslu has already review"Said Roy in a discussion in the Menteng area, Central Jakarta, Sunday (02/09/2018).

Bawaslu is increasingly disappointing when it closes the matter of the political dowry without serious attempts to investigate it.

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"This work is not substantive, the verdict has come true," Roy said.

"If they are serious, there are actually many ways to reveal this, so that the cause of this political dowry does not just evaporate," he continued.

Regarding Bawaslu's decision to pass eleven former prisoners of war as bacaleg, Roy said, the election supervisory body had built a block from the KPU Regulation (PKPU), which forbids former prisoners of war from registering as legal candidates.

As an election supervisor, the electoral body must monitor the PKPU in order to function properly, instead of not complying with the regulation.

"It is not good if Bawaslu builds a block against the PKPU." PKPU has clearly become part of the legislation that election participants must comply with, including the Bawaslu guidelines, "Roy said.

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If in the future the KPU and Bawaslu can not go together, Roy said, there will be chaos in the execution of the elections.

Previously, Bawaslu made two polemics that shocked the public. First, the closing of the political dowry given by the vice-president of Sandiaga Uno to PAN and PKS without examining all witnesses.

In addition, the electoral control company has passed eleven former prisoners of war as a lawyer through dispute resolution.

The eleven reminders, in the file inspection, have been declared inadmissible by KPU (TMS) because PKPU number 8 in 2018 forbids former prisoners of crime from being promoted as candidates.

However, after Bawaslu had submitted a dispute to Bawaslu, he passed eleven former prisoners of war as bacaleg under the pretext of being guided by law number 7 of 2017 regarding the election, which did not contain the prohibition of prisoners to succeed.

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