OK OCE considered total failure, Sandiaga: but applied for throughout Indonesia

Tribunnews.com Reporter Report, Rizal Bomantama

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Vice-presidential candidate Sandiaga Salahudin Uno recognized the OK Océ program in Jakarta that he initiated when he served as deputy governor of Jakarta and now failed miserably.

He claimed, however, that the program was much in demand at the national level.

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"It failed completely, but was asked everywhere in Indonesia, even when I went to the pope and was constantly asked when OK OCE could be applied in every region," Sandiaga said Tuesday in Jakarta (10/16/2018).

Several parties accused OK Océ in Jakarta of failing because Sandiaga resigned as deputy governor to fight with vice president Prabowo Subianto for vice president.

Sandiaga said it was open to input and was ready to help the provincial government of DKI Jakarta in the hands of Governor Anies Baswedan to improve the program.

"Our hands are open to input improvements and we are also ready to have Mr. Anies complete the existing homework," he said.

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Sandiaga, however, claimed that although OKCE failed, this could reduce unemployment in Jakarta.

"We see that the economy of Jakarta is on the move, penetrating the participants above the target of about 55 thousand and are capable of reducing unemployment to 20 thousand employees," he concluded.

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