Palace responds to Fadli Zon's costs on ILC implementation problems

Ngabalin asked Fadli Sun not to be biased.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Vice-President of the House, who is also a Gerindra politician Fadli Zon accused the government of prosecuting the Indonesian Lawyer Club (ILC) program broadcast by a private television station. The palace also gave its answer on this issue.

Chief expert Deputy IV Office of the Presidential staff (KSP) Ali Mochtar Ngabalin felt that the cancellation of the ILC program had nothing to do with the government and the palace.

"What are the government's affairs, what is the operation of the palace, what is the president's business with live or non-living affairs with the ILC?" Ngabalin said when confirmed in Jakarta, Tuesday (8/28).

He also asked that Fadli Sun was not looking for the kindness and sympathy of his statement. Because according to him the method of Fadli Sun can actually have a negative impact on him.

"Do not look sympathetic by feeling hurt. No can like that, I do not agree with that. He is my friend, but if that is the case, he will be hurt later, "he said.

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Ngabalin also asked Fadli not always to harm the government. In fact, he also said that Fadli's attitude was low in morale.

"Why are you not sure, always prejudiced, always negative thinking, Why are there politicians with such low morale? Why is that? Careful, you (Fadli) let your authority sail. "I have never had such behavior in the Indonesian parliament," he explained.

The accusation of Fadli Zon was transferred through an account twitter his personality after ILC today announced the cancellation of his program screenings via an account twitter,

"Wow, the ILC was also performed by telephone. As long as I am contacted, I will call a narcosis. #rezimpanik"said Fadli Sun on Tuesday (08/28) at 9:24 PM.

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