Pamdal Lapangan Banteng included in the eight suspects of Iyan prosecution

JAKARTA, – The police named 8 suspects in the case of alleged persecution of Ali Achmat Fiarmansyah aka Iyan (20), who then took place at Banteng Square, Central Jakarta, Saturday (08/18/2018).

The number of suspects rose from the aforementioned only 6 people.

The suspects in the US, HS, RFS, SN, SU, MR, ANA and D suspects are security officers in the pamdal and parties organizer of the event flora and fauna activities that take place in the region.

"From the results of the research and research process, victims have been affected by abuse and mistreatment by security parties and the EO event of Flona 2018 on Banteng Square," said the executive staff of Central Jakarta, Roma Hutajulu, when they were approached by reporters on Tuesday (21-08-2018).

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Roma said, the determination of the suspects was carried out after the investigation and investigation process was carried out. Officials have requested information from all relevant parties, such as Pamdal, EO, and the Iyan family.

Officers also checked all locations where Iyan was prosecuted. Currently six suspects, US, HS, RFS, SN, SU, MR, are still in the process of further investigation at the police headquarters in Central Jakarta.

While the other two suspects, ANA and D, are still on the search list.

"We have already checked that there are several evidences of the perpetrators involved in violence against victims," ​​said Roma.

Ali Achmat Fiarmansyah alias Iyan previously reported acts of persecution he had experienced in the Central Jakarta police station.

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The young man with epilepsy was persecuted because he was accused of being a thief. The persecution resulted in the bruising of Ivan's face and his entire body was covered with cigarette butts.

Iyan was accused of theft because he found Rp 2.4 million out of his pocket. Iyan denied that the money was the result of theft.

Iyan said, the money came from selling plastic bottles and cardboard for years.

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