PAN guarantees not to hold identity politics

PAN is committed to expressing the slogan to defend people and people.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – The National Mandate Party (PAN) guarantees that it will not implement the political identity agenda in the 2019 presidential election. "We as a party guarantee that we will not implement the political identity agenda," said PAN Secretary General Eddy Soeparno. Jakarta, Wednesday (8/22).

Instead of wearing identity politics, he said that PAN wanted to commit to vote tagline defend the people and the people. "It Can our political attitude towards society as a whole is no exception. But as a party that bears the reform agenda, there are (there are) religious nationalist representations, "he said.

Therefore, according to Eddy, PAN can not be separated from focusing on developing a community-based community. He said that PAN rejected the assumption that the party was planning to implement an agenda that divided society. "We do not want to harm the foundation of our own party, we will fight in ideas, solutions and things that are micro-relevant and detailed," he said.

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With regard to the support of the high priest from the front of the Islamic defenders (FPI) Habib Rizieq Shihab, Eddy said that this could not justify PAN and the coalition using identity politics. "That then supported by the representation of religious leaders does not mean that identity politics should be used, not that we carry the agenda," he said.

He believes that the community is now ashamed of the political madness that does not offer a comprehensive solution. Even according to him, the community is quite intelligent to distinguish between figures that only divide and create conflict. "People are very smart at choosing that it is not a desired candidate, a candidate who can embrace all parties," he said.

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