PBNU confirms the voice of Azan too harsh is not blasphemy of religion

JAKARTA, KRJOGJA.com. PBNU & # 39; s parents in the area of ​​law, human rights and legislation Robikin Emhas found that someone who said that the call to prayer was too harsh could not be called a religious insult.

"I do not see the expression of the call to prayer too loudly as an expression of hatred or hostility toward certain groups or religions," Robikin said.

As a Muslim, Robikin continued, such a view is naturally placed as constructive criticism in a pluralistic society. According to him, the birth of articles about blasphemy, among other things, to maintain the social harmony caused by differences in groups or differences in religion / beliefs is adopted.

"I hope that law enforcement does not make the insult of blasphemy an instrument to suppress the right to express opinions," said Robikin, who is also an advocate of the constitution. (*)

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