Perludem: pass the Ex-Corruptor Bacaleg, Bawaslu like Revenge to the KPU

JAKARTA, – Election organ (Bawaslu) is considered revenge against the General Election Committee (KPU), by passing through former corruption offenders for legislative elections in 2019 to legislative candidates.

Since its establishment, the electoral body has even expressed its disapproval of the KPU Regulation (PKPU) number 20 of 2018, which prohibits the promotion of ex-bribery as candidates. In the end, however, PKPU remained legalized.

"It is as if Bawaslu retaliated at the KPU, who did not hear Bawaslu's input in the preparation of the PKPU (number 20 of 2018)," said Executive Director of the Association for Elections and Democracy (Perludem) Titi Anggraini on, Sunday (2 / 9/2018).

PKPU is considered by Bawaslu to be in violation of Act No. 7 of 2017 concerning general elections (election law). With reference to the electoral law, former corruption convicts can nominate themselves as legislative candidates.

According to Titi, Bawaslu should adopt a more elegant way to show his different views on the PKPU. This method is to request a judicial review against PKPU at the Supreme Court (MA).

"Instead, they take the right path, they love the dark eye, use the dispute settlement mechanism instead to remove old corrupt ones," Titi explained.

"In fact, it is not a forum or mechanism that they can do," he added.

At the moment, the PKPU has submitted a judicial review to the Supreme Court by former bribe-makers who want to become representatives of the people. Titi said that Bawaslu could also show that they did not agree with PKPU by using their authority to write to the Supreme Court, so that the decision was speeded up.

The action of the Bawaslu was judged by Titi to have damaged the people's wish for a clean election.

"In my opinion, electoral control plays a wrong role, on the pretext that they want to protect the constitutional rights of citizens to become candidates, but on the other hand they consciously hurt the desires of most Indonesians who want a clean election, "he explained.

Previously, Bawaslu passed five former corrupts to 2019 candidates, from Aceh, North Toraja, North Sulawesi, Pare-Pare, Rembang and Bulukumba.

During the bacalegistration period, the five former corrupts were declared ineligible by the KPU (TMS). After these five individuals filed a dispute with the Bawaslu and the local Panwaslu, the results indicated that the three were eligible (MS).

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