Perpetrators of student abuse arrested, one of them was shot dead

BANDUNG, (PR). – The police uncovered cases of street crime (begal) in the Cikapayang area in Bandung City, where a female student was killed, arresting two suspects with US and YES initials. One of them was shot for resistance when he was arrested.

"When the riot broke out, measured actions were taken: the US initials died, the other, the jockey, was paralyzed," said West Java Regional Police Chief Inspector General Agung Budi Maryoto, at Bhayangkara Sartika Asih Hospital at Bandung, Wednesday 5 September 2018.

As reported earlier, two women, Eva Aprilia and Shanda Puti Denata, were the victims of street crime (begal) in the Cikapayang area in Bandung City, on Thursday 30 August 2018 around 03:30 WIB. At that time, they were planning to return to the Dipatiukur area after searching for food using a motorcycle. At the location, the engine on which they drove was tied up by unknown people.

The perpetrator then grabbed the bag that Shanda wore, which at that time was walking in the backseat. As a result, Shanda's body fell on the asphalt. The bag contains a mobile phone and the money is taken away by the perpetrator. While both victims were immediately rushed to the Borromeo hospital to receive medical treatment.

With serious injuries at the head, victim Shanda, who was a student at a university in Bandung, was declared dead on Friday, August 31, 2018 at about 00.00 WIB. His body was then buried in his hometown, West Java Banjar.

Random victim

To investigate the case, the police then collected information. As a result, both actors were identified. One of them was called AS (24), also known as Ami, who was registered as a resident in the subdistrict Cibeunying Kidul in Bandung. He is the executor who took the bag from the victim until he fell.

Ami was arrested in the Heroes of Bandung area on Tuesday, August 4, 2018, around 6.30 pm WIB. He was secured along with stolen mobile evidence. From the Ami statement, officers then picked up another suspect who was involved in street crime (begal). Another suspect is YES, a resident of Baleendah District, Bandung Regency. When showing YA & # 39; s address, Ami tried to run and fight. The officer took decisive action by shooting the suspect dead. While the suspect YES was shot in his leg.

In the disclosure of this case a number of proofs were secured, including one type of automatic motorcycle, one bag with cosmetics for women, six SIM cards, five mobile phones of different brands and one digital camera.

From the investigation of the perpetrators it is known that the perpetrators are street criminals who focus on random victims. It was ensured that the perpetrators and victims did not know each other before the incident. "It's just the motive for curas or a go, it just happens that when the victim is shot down, the helmet escapes from the head and hits the asphalt and dies," he said.

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