Photos of Jokowi Young Men & # 39; s Punk Style, President Kuak Truth and Upload Lawas Photo

TRIBUN-VIDEO.COM – President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) gave an explanation about the origin of children's photo & # 39; punk & # 39; similar to the portrait of Jokowi during his youth.

In his explanation, Jokowi admitted that the photo of a punk-child was not him.

Jokowi also made a joke that he was not as handsome as the punk & # 39; child when he was young.

The 7th Indonesian president explained that in his youth he would rather spend time with his friends on the mountain.

Jokowi not only explained, but also uploaded a picture with his portrait with friends while cooking noodles in the open air.

On the picture, Jokowi, wearing a black hat, saw soy sauce pouring into a pan.

While two of his friends were seen lifting up noodles cooked in a pan.

The clarification was delivered by Jokowi via Twitter tweet on Saturday (08/25/2018).

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"A blurry photo of a punk-haired young man circulates on social media.

Some call it the young Jokowi.

That is not my photo. I am not that good in my youth.

At such an age, I prefer to go to the mountain with my friends, with my provisions, "Jokowi squeaked.

Earlier it reported on social media a picture of young people dressed in punk style, similar to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

The photo was widely distributed after uploading an Agan Harahap or account @aganharahap on Instagram on Wednesday (23-08-2018).

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The photo shows a person who has agreements with Jokowi.

The man is wearing punk-like clothing.

Hair style for men like Jokowi was confusing.

He wears a leather jacket and wears the "Sex Pistols & # 39 ;, also known as the famous punk bands of the 70s.

But is it true that the figure of a young man in punk style is Jokowi?

Agan Harahap also revealed the story behind the photograph by his photo statement.

"I recently had the opportunity to get acquainted with the residence of an ex-punk patriotism that is now known as one of the collectors of the keris. Meet Jatinegara, numbered with his stay, he who asked that his identity be kept secret, told about the beginning of the punk movement in Indonesia. "

"He cautiously opened each sheet on the album, pointing to different photos from his friends, Indonesian punk pioneers, who are now successful entrepreneurs, government officials and even religious leaders."

"He, who actively told stories, suddenly fell silent, his eyes looked straight at a photo on the album:" If this friend of mine is now a metalboy, fat, "he said with a meaningful smile after I asked who was there the photo. "

"Our conversation extended to the realm of religion, politics, to the successor of the president in the new Asian Games title."

"Ah, if he is still young like he used to be, maybe he does not need a stuntman …"

He murmured slowly as he stared. "Why, do you know the president?"

I swear quickly. He only smiled sensibly.

It approached the afternoon and I also said goodbye, because I had to take a train that would take me back to Jogjaexplained Agan Harahap.

See the video above. ( Sakti Nugroho)

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