PKS Aceh Young Movement Delayed Declaration # 2019 Change President, This Is The Cause

Masrizal report Banda Aceh

SERAMBINEWS.COM, BANDA ACEH – Declaration event # 2019The president's residence is scheduled to be held in the courtyard of Dimurthala H Stadium, Banda Aceh on Saturday (1/9/2018) tomorrow should be postponed.

The activity initiated by the Atjeh PKS Youth Generation has been canceled because there was no recommendation from the Banda Aceh City government and permission from the local Polresta.

Chairman of the Declaration Committee, Tgk Mustafa MY Arrived alias Abu Commander at a press conference at 3in1 Cafee, Banda Aceh, Friday (31-08-2018), said the reasons for the cancellation of the statement.

Indeed, he continued, the commission had prepared several needs that were classified as having already booked a room for promoter # 2019. The president also had PKS politician, Mardani Ali Sera.

"The committee works in a very short time, Alhamdulillah, the reaction of the population is extraordinary: from the Japri to us only until Friday, 10 thousand people can be present from 13 regencies / cities. 2-5 thousand people, even then from Banda Aceh and Aceh Besar, "he said.

Reading: Police do not issue statement Permit # 2019 President & # 39; s Tomorrow Change, This Is the Cause and Consideration

Mustafa, who was accompanied by another committee, Erlanda Juliansyah Putra and Farid Nyak Umar said that the regional police of Banda Aceh did not issue a permit or notification (SSTP) because there was no recommendation from the Banda Aceh Investment and One Stop Service (DPM). -PTSP).

According to a response from the PTSP DPM received by his party, Mustafa said that the cause of the agency did not recommend the implementation of the statement.

Official considerations due to problems and social insecurity in a number of regions in Indonesia during the implementation of the # 2019 Declaration of residence.

"To prevent a similar problem even in the city of Bnada Aceh will happen, this time is usually safe and conducive, therefore the city of Banda Aceh can not issue a declaration of statement # 2019. The president you request," said a letter signed to DPM PTSP Banda Aceh, Muchlish SH.

Because he did not have a recommendation and consent letter, he decided to postpone the implementation of the # 2019GantiPresiden statement in Banda Aceh.

"We, the committee, are organizing activities tomorrow, although participants from the area are going to Banda Aceh," said Mustafa.

According to Mustafa, the delay is to prepare for a larger declaration on 30 September.

"We postpone this so that it is more mature, if God wants it, the event of this statement will continue and the battle will not end, we want to make a large scale on September 30," he said.

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